Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#5)


Hello everyone,

Tonight's patch consists of Quality of Life and bug fixes. Some of these bugs include PvP-related problems that have been reported.

  • Added custom models for Medjai (Tarnished) variants.
  • Added "Last-teleport" to chatbox "report" button.
  • Yin-yang now have the same 15 Gauntlet KC safe-death as Hardcore Ironman.
  • The Blood money price for Royal seed pod has been reduced.
  • Ground item despawn timer while in Tempoross increased to one hour.
  • The Sacrifice well offerings have had the following changes:
    • Uncharged trident value changed: 125 points >>> 50 points.
    • Barrows now take the full armour set as opposed to each individual piece.
  • PvP-related fixes
    • If you are frozen by someone who moves out of distance (10 tiles), you will automatically become unfrozen and have freeze immunity for the next 5 ticks.
    • Fix Volatile and Eldritch nightmare staff special attacks having "unrestricted" combat. (basically skipped a lot of combat checks, like proper LoS)
    • Eating food and drinking potions will no longer completely cancel combat after re-clicking the target.
    • Ancient wyvern shield now has a cool-down on its special attack.
    • You will now receive a message when trying to enter/exit the Revenant cave while frozen.
    • The 1-tick delay on Ring of recoil damage has been removed. It will now instantly recoil damage.
    • Dragon spear now has a 1-tick delay before you can spec the same opponent again.
  • Cull the weak effects have been modified:
    • T1: 15% chance of landing double-hit on target
    • T2: 25% chance of landing double-hit on target
    • T3: 35% chance of landing double-hit on target
  • Ash sanctifier's "Activity" option can now be used to auto-bank ashes as opposed to auto-bury them.
  • Added special attack for Abyssal whip (or).
  • Added default Tiny storage units in Chamber of Xeric raids.
  • Fixed bug that allowed untradeables to be looted with an opened looting bag.
  • Runecrafting will no longer lock the player while the crafting animation plays.
  • Field note drops have been disabled in Theatre of Blood training rooms.
  • Attempt to fix Demonic gorillas being out of sync with the plugin.
  • Tempoross warning message colors are now based on if you have chatbox transparency enabled.
  • ::tempoross command will no longer stop current actions.
  • Fixed the logout button on the world switcher tab not working.

As a side note: I am also working on diagnosing the issues that have been occuring on server the past few days. Please bare with us as these things aren't easy to fix and some times we have to shoot in the dark until something works or helps us determine what's going on.I do apologize for any inconvenience and will try my best to fix the issues immediately.