Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#4)


Hello everyone,

This morning's patch came in unsuspectedly due to an outage on our host. I am still investigating what occurred. We still took the liberty of updating with some of the pending changes. This includes a fix to the annoying "invisibility bug" that has been going around, especially in instances.

  • Limited Stock items have been added to Store: Shattered relics recolor kit for whips and void
  • Coin boosters have been added to store: Draining Strikes and Exploding Attacks
  • Tempoross rewards table buffed: New Table
  • Pet Collector sac perk now affects Tiny tempor Tempoross reward.
  • Added "Subdue Tempoross" Completionist task.
  • Tempoross server event has been added and can be initiated by vote events or diversion coins.
  • You can now trade in your Angler pieces for Spirit Angler at Gita Prymes (near the Tempoross teleport). Each piece will cost 1,200 spirit flakes + the respective Angler piece.
  • Added Ishmael's fishing shop.
  • Spirit flakes now work properly. You have a 50% chance of receiving double fish while Fishing (no XP for second fish).
  • Tempoross completions will now only broadcast for teams of 3+ players.
  • Brittle key has been added to the Slayer rewards "Buy" tab at a cost of 150 Slayer points.
  • Re-arranged items in Slayer rewards "Buy" tab to be based on price.
  • Added defence requirement for Shayzien armour.
  • Ironman can now pickup items that were dropped from destroying their Looting bag in the wilderness.
  • Dwarf multicannon has been restricted from the TzHaar City.
  • Warrior ring's price in the Blood money shop has been increased.
  • Fixed Chemical Imbalance sacrifice perk.
  • Fixed issue with Nightmare and Phosani's Grasping claw attack sometimes double-hitting targets.
  • Fixed bug where Dragon rank wasn't receiving its proper Pest Control points bonus.
  • Fixed bug with the "Buy" options from older shops (ones with a limited stock, such as the one in Blast Furnace). Buy-10 would buy 5 and Buy-50 would buy all.
  • "Fire cannon with 'Cannonball!' perk" achievement rephrased: "Fire cannon with 'Cannonball!' slayer unlock."
  • Sacrifice offerings for Dragonfire shield and Wyvern shield now take the uncharged versions as opposed to the charged ones.
  • Added auto-chat option for thrones. Right click > Configure. These auto-chats have a range of 60-3600 seconds delay in between.