Tempoross - Rank Bonds - Update Roadmap (#1)


Hello everyone,

Today's patch includes our first content addition on the server. Big changes, such as new minigames or bosses will be considered content additions, while things like new sacrifice perks, coin boosters, etc. are considered misc. additions. We are excited to bring the new Skilling boss Tempoross to the server. Alongside this update, we have added rank-only bonds (add to your total donations, but do not give credits) - these bonds can be found in the Store.

We are also running a +20% donator status amount on all bonds (this does not increase credits for bonds)


Tempoross is the latest addition to OSPS. Here's what you need to know to get started

  • Tempoross can be found in Teleports > Minigames > Tempoross
  • You need a Fishing level of 35 or above to enter the shipping boat.
  • You do not take damage from the activity at all. You can still be damaged by other factors, such as eating a rock cake.
  • Every item you need to participate in the activity can be found within the minigame itself. You can take your own items in there at your own leisure.
  • You need to obtain at least 2000 activity points to be eligible for "permits" at the end of the game.
  • Permits are not items, but a point system bound to you. You can stack as many as you'd like up until 4000.
  • You can fish the pool south-west of the Tempoross teleport to claim your rewards
  • The Bass Master sacrifice perk does work within the minigame

Quick Overview

If you would like a full guide on the boss, you can read the wiki page. However, here is a simple overview

  • The fight has the minimum requirement of a harpoon. Buckets of water and ropes are optional, but recommended. All three of these can be found within crates throughout the boats and docks.
  • You will start the fight on either the west or east boat. Both sides of the island are identical in terms of what you can and can't do within them.
  • You must fish, and optionally cook, harpoonfish from the fishing spots near the shore.
  • Certain activities will yield participation points: fishing, cooking, dousing flames (one of Tempoross' attacks), filling the ammunition crates with fish, and fishing from Tempoross' spirit pools (damaging it in the process). You will need at least 2,000 of these points to be eligible for your reward at the end.


You can earn Permits by defeating Tempoross. These are stackable points. You can earn up to 4,000 of these points before it is capped. Once you have at least one permit, you can fish at the spot south-west of the Tempoross teleport. Our rewards table is not the same as OS. I will briefly explain how the table rolls. You can find the reference sheet here

  • The rewards pool can hit either an item reward or a sub-table reward. If it lands on an item reward, that's that. You receive the respective item. However, if it lands on a sub-table, it will then roll from said sub-table to get your item reward.
  • The main rewards pool table and the Fish sub-table are based on flat rates. Meaning each item will roll, from highest rate to lowest (i.e from Tiny tempor down to Spirit flakes) until one of the items is "successful."
  • The Fishing rod sub-table is weighted, meaning each has the exact, equal chance of being obtained as the reward.


Rank Bonds

A suggestion we have received for a long time is the addition of "rank-only" bonds into our Store at a discounted price compared to their credit-bond counterparts. We proceeded to add two of them ($10-rank and $50-rank bonds) to the Sacrifice well shop, but not the credit store. With this update, we have done that, as well as added a $20-rank and $100-rank bond.

  • Rank-bonds do NOT give ::store credits. They only count towards your in-game total donation amount.
  • Rank-bonds are NOT tradeable and cannot be gifted to other players.



As the server grows, so do my ambitions. I have moved on from the peasant life of a mega-yacht owner. I am now collecting funds for a private Jet with a small OSPS logo on the far-far-back-right wing as a 12x12 jpeg. These thrones are priced with inflation for the next 200 years taken into account. (Pls buy em now ::store)

  • Show-off your wealth and poor life decisions to peasants all throughout home.
  • Bank standing meta is a thing of the past. Bank sitting is the new wave.
  • Thrones provide an idle-animation, similar to the Limited Stock Royal Sceptre.
  • There are 4 throne variants available with different credit prices.


QoL + Bug Fixes

It wouldn't be a real update without Quality of Life and Bug Fixes:

  • Blade of saeldor (c) and Bow of faerdhinen (c) have been replaced in Gauntlet shop with an Enhanced crystal weapon seed.
    • The seed costs 4000 gauntlet points.
    • Upon purchase, you will also receive 500 crystal shards to craft a crystal weapon.
    • This allows players to complete the respective seed achievement even if they go dry on the drop itself.
  • Boss Discovery class base XP changed: 765 >>> 792.
  • Added Vorkath to Boss Discovery class.
  • Creating items and publishing notes in the Laboratory should now grant affinity points and skilling points.
  • When resetting Discovery with the ::resetxp command, your research class, field notes, and worn relic will be cleared. Note: your relics will still be stored in the machine, including the one you had on you (if applicable).
  • Weapon Specialist coin booster disabled while in PvP areas.
  • Scorpion king can now walk on top of other npcs.
  • You now need 99 Discovery to be considered as "Maxed" instead of 120.
  • Nucleur smoke devils have had all magic stats and bonuses set to 0.
  • Added stats for all Shayzien armour pieces.
  • Fixed bug where Vorkath would roll field notes and relics twice per death.
  • Fixed bug where switching gameframes would make it so you couldn't change options via the settings tab.
  • Fixed bug where you could teleport out of Lizardman shaman area while they were performing the purple minion attack, leading to the minions spawning at home and doing AOE damage. (lol noobs probably had panic attacks)
  • Fixed bug where Amulet of blood fury wasn't removing charges, but still proccing when "toggled off."
  • Removed the "custom items" from skill guides, such as Medium dense jungle in Woodcutting skill guide being the Discovery master cape.
  • Fixed server errors being thrown by Blast Furnace, Motherlode Mine, and trading.
  • Fixed bug where freeze spells weren't freezing properly.
  • Fixed Ironman Instructor dialogue "I'd like to stop being an Ironman."
  • Fixed Emblem trader trade-in dialogue "Pleasure doing business with you."
  • Removed the following items from drop broadcasts (and also recycled item pool collection)
    • Mud battlestaff
    • Ballistas and all components
    • Crystal weapon seed

Short-term Roadmap

As far as what's to come for OSPS -  we have a short-term roadmap of things we'd like to get done in the upcoming weeks. This list is sorted by priority, with items listed at the top coming up before things below it. The order can change if we see fit, however, we do not have a reason to as of now.

  • PvP fixes: we have noticed a lot of feedback when it comes to PvP. One of the newest additions to our QA team, Ant0n#1102, has compiled a list of bugs and suggestions to be added. Though I do not want to go into detail of the bugs he has given, I will try to briefly mention what sort of changes we're looking to make.
    • Food delay when attacking
    • Volatile staff
    • Unfreeze range
    • Revenant cave entrance spamming
    • Ring of wealth dropping stored cash
    • Dragon spear
    • Freezing target under you
    • Ring of recoil hit delay
    • Wyvern shield
    • Inconsistent freezing
    • Breakable items to drop cash for killer
    • PvP-related events and competitions
    • Revenant Maledictus
    • Anything else we come up with while working on these...
  • Nex: for our first high-level boss update, we will be adding Nex. Not much else to say here - but excited to work on this!
  • Grand Exchange Postboard: this postboard will contain a list of all the most recent buy/sell offers made in the Grand Exchange. We may also include a page where players can pay a fee to advertise their offer.
    • We believe this addition will bring a new life to the economy and will benefit every non-ironmeme on the server