Bug Fixes - Donation Transfer Bond (#20)

Hey all,

Hope you've all had a great Christmas! This patch contains a few small fixes and addition of a "Donation Transfer Bond".

  • Donation ::transfer messages made more clearer
    • Some players were getting confused with how the limit worked. The additional dialogues aim to explain briefly how it works and informs the player of how many transfers they will have left before accepting the transfer.
  • Added Donation Transfer bonds
    • Redeemable once for an additional donation ;;transfer.
    • Most likely will be obtainable through the ::store at some point.
  • Treasure Trails server event added (triggered by voting).
  • Vote events now trigger at a 1/10 chance on every 10th vote.
  • Added vote messages to show in Discord #ingame-news channel.
  • Fix for eating Purple sweets removing the whole stack.
  • Removed old Dwarves dialogue (would show Litara with their dialogues).
  • Fix for Vesta's longsword attack style animations.
  • Players can now use loadouts at the bankers in Theatre of Blood area.
  • Poison + venom immunity relic fixed for Vorkath.
  • Client update: Map clues for clue plugin disabled (not yet live)