Bug Fixes (#19)

Hey all,

We have a couple of bug fixes for this patch:

  • PvP armour is no longer notable
  • Server event for Nex damage multiplier fixed for final phase
  • Explorer's ring options fixed
  • Brimstone ring (i) death value set to 500k
  • Makeover mage 'Character Creation' interface fixed
  • Gypsy Aris npc fixed for treasure trails
  • God wars dungeon rope tile fixed for treasure trails
  • Fix for Slayer helms not dropping as Black mask in PvM correctly
  • Client fix for not being able to receive PM/CC messages from some of the other players
    • This fix requires a client update. If you are running the .exe launcher your client will update automatically next time you launch the game. If you are using the .jar client you will need to download the client manually.