Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#18)

Hello everyone,

Couple of quality of life additions as well as bug fixes for today's patch. After this patch development of the Tombs of Amascut will officially begin. (unless a priority bug/issue arises)

  • Yin-Yang groups now share Slaughter points and perks.
    • Any player that has a group will have their perks refunded and their points will be added to their group's shared Slaughter points.
  • You can now select what event you'd like to trigger when using a Diversion or Raid coin on the Well of Plenty.
  • Added new option for Brainlet box/casket: "Recycled-items."
    • This option allows you to see a list of items in the recycled item pool.
  • Added functionality to the crevice in the Wilderness that leads to the Revenant's cave.
  • All Slayer helmet variants will now drop Black masks when lost in PvP.
  • Theatre of Blood and Sands of Avarice completion broadcast will now state the original member count when the raid started as opposed to when the party enters the reward room.
    • This is to prepare for the upcoming bingo tile that requires a solo hardmode run.
  • Fixed the dead-click zone left by the Collection Log popup interface.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't spam certain actions, such as shift-dropping inventory items, or holding spacebar while crafting/fletching make-x dialog was open.
  • Fixed Statius's warhammer special damage modifier: 1.5x >>> 1.35x
  • Fixed POH costume storage withdrawals acting weird. (withdrawing wrong sets)
  • Fixed bracelet mould smelting not working.
  • Fixed blighted saradomin brew and super restore not working properly.
  • Fixed blighted spell sacks not lighting up their respective spells in the spellbook.
  • Fixed the hour time-left for Tournament broadcasts being inaccurate at times.
  • Fixed bank search breaking after opening the mould smelting interface in furnaces.
  • Fixed chatbox input breaking after trying to search in the advanced settings interface.
  • Fixed XP Converter RuneLite plugin not working.
    • This fix requires a client update. If you are running the .exe launcher your client will update automatically next time you launch the game. If you are using the .jar client you will need to download the client manually.