Bug Fixes (#17)

Hello everyone,

Quick update to fix the client startup issue, but with some other fixes as well.

  • Attempt to fix issue where client startup loading stops working after a while.
  • Achievements can no longer be completed within Tournaments.
  • Combat dummies by home area are now immune to all poison.
  • Added Statius' warhammer special attack.
  • Change ammo for Med hybrid tournament loadout to Dragonstone bolts (e).
  • Ammo will no longer deplete within tournaments.
  • Emblems will no longer auto-bank when you do not have inventory space (they now drop on the ground instead).
  • Slaughter points are gained faster than we initially estimated. We think it's fine since for perks, but not so much for armour. As such, the following changes have been made:
    • PvP armour/weapon prices have been increased: 5000 >>> 7500.
    • Dragon crossbow and tentacle whip have been removed from the Slaughter shop for now.

As a side-note: we are currently working on upgrading the RuneLite client (AGAIN!) to fix the issue with a lot of the plugins, including the Chambers of Xeric layout plugin.