Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#3)


Hello everyone,

We are running a small maintenance tonight, which should take no longer than an hour. I will keep everyone posted through our Discord.

We are also hosting a March Vote competition with real cash prizes and bond prizes. Check out the post on the Discord's #events channel for more info.

The following changes have been made as part of our patch tonight:

  • Discovery changes
    • Relic drops now roll for everyone who has dealt at least one damage to the monster
    • TzKal-Zuk now has a 100% Field note drop rate
    • TzKal-Zuk now has a 100% TzTok-Jad Field note drop rate (will drop both)
    • Preserving notebooks through Discovery cape will be taken into account and allow you to continue publishing theories until all the books in your inventory are gone
    • Master discovery cape preservation passive chance increased: 10% >>> 15%
    • Fixed oversight that allowed Raid relics to be rolled for rewards without researching Raid class
  • Gauntlet changes
    • Added Crystal/Corrupted paddlefish combo-food. You can purchase them through the Tool Storage
    • All paddlefish food now gives excess health when eating them
  • Arceuus spells
    • Added Death charge spell
    • Added Shadow veil spell
    • Added Degrime spell
  • You should no longer receive "Kill Alchemical hydra" daily tasks if you are below 95 Slayer
  • Bow of Faerdhinen (c) has been added as a valid Sacrifice Offering for 1000 points
  • Any and all T5 Shayzien armour piece now negate Lizardman shaman's poison attacks
  • Bankers have been added to the Redwood tree area in Woodcutting guild. They can be found on the second and third level
  • Fixed magic combat spells having incorrect sounds
  • Fixed bug causing Discovery capes to be tradeable
  • Claiming 2k affinity achievement description has been altered. This was done to make it clear you need to claim 2k+ at once and is not accumulative