Bug Fixes (#16)

Hello everyone,


Tonight's patch is mainly to address some of the bugs reported from yesterday's patch. Thanks to everyone who reported them through Discord.

  • Fixed Magic spells always being lit up and having wrong rune count displayed.
  • Applying loadouts will no longer reset autocast spells.
  • Fixed thralls being named 'null' in chatbox message and not having timers with the RL plugin.
  • Improved the PvP tournament time broadcast.
    • There is now a broadcast on a 15, 10 and 5 minute countdown for upcoming tournament.
  • Fixed not being able to smelt jewellery through furnaces.
  • The Krystilia slayer master teleport has been moved to her new location.
  • Fixed Max cape turning into a green robe when equipped.
  • Fixed boss respawn timers being incorrect.
  • Re-added Reorder prayer RL plugin.