Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#15)

Hello everyone,

Changes for tonight's patch:

  • PvP Changes
    • Granite maul special attack reworked to match OS.
    • Certain untradeables (fire/infernal cape, void, fighter torso, etc) become broken on death.
      • Can be repaired by visiting Perdu and either using the item on him or clicking the "Repair" option on him.
    • Barrow items no longer break when dropped.
    • Void ornament kits now drop on death for killer.
  • Nex unique drop chance buffed for teams:
    • Formula is now: ((36 - team_size) * team_size) * average_team_drop_rate.
  • Nex completionist task has been added:
    • Defeat 150 Nex.
  • Fixed bug with "No torva drop duplicate" option. (was not checking for undamaged armour variants)
  • Ancient godsword now has its correct attack and block animations.
  • Items dropped on death now last three times as long before despawning.
  • Well of Sacrifice pet chance buffed: 1/5m points >>> 1/1m points.
  • Pickpocketing Blood shard from Vyres will now add it to the Collection Log.
  • Fixed bug where Yin-Yang resetting XP would not remove their currently worn Discovery relic.
  • Fixed Party pete being un-clickable.
  • Added ::dn command.
  • Added Green Screen RuneLite plugin.