New Pets - Roadmap - QoL - Bug Fixes

Hello everyone,

Today's update will include a short-term roadmap of what's to come as I forgot to include it in yesterday's patch notes. Alongside that, we also have some changes, like new pets:

  • Well of Sacrifice pet: Serenity
    • Rate of 1/5,000,000 points. (i.e if you toss a Twisted bow, the rate is 1/1000)
    • Rate is affected by perks/passives.
    • Recolour is available once you have sacrificed a total of 100,000 points worth of items.
  • Discovery pet: Flying book
    • Can obtain from:
      • Field notes: 1/25k
      • Exchanging relic: 1/5k
      • Publishing theory: 1/(1,000,000 / field notes in class) * (100 - classweight / 100)
      • Publishing classification: 1/(100,000 / field notes in class) * (100 - classweight / 100)
    • Rate is affected by perks/passives.
    • Recolour is available once you have found 100% of all field notes.
  • Dominion Zone new pet: Lil' Creator
    • Pet penance queen has been replaced by this new pet.
      • Penance queen pet can be obtained from Larren's Chest.
    • Rate still 1/500.
    • Rate is affected by perks/passives.
  • Blessings of the Righteous now works for Nex.
  • Added Ancient godsword special attack.
  • Fixed POH costume storages bugging out the UI when you walk away instead of clicking the X-button.
  • Atem's portal attack will no longer occur until Atem has been spawned in.
  • Attempt to fix issue with Scorpion King bugging out UI when leaving cocoon area at same time as the boss.
  • Void recolour variants (or), (t) and (c) have been added to Perdu.
  • Fixed Void gloves (c) + (t) showing incorrect color on female characters.
  • Fixed issue causing long messages to disconnect nearby players.
  • Added Tarnished Medjai to Collection Log.
  • Added item kept on death value for Ancient godsword and Ancient hilt.
  • Changed sacrifice prices for Ancient godsword to match the shard + hilt prices.
  • The following items now count as alternate items for clue scrolls:
    • Guardian boots >>> Bandos boots
    • Neitiznot faceguard >>> Neitiznot helmet
    • Medjai armour >>> Armadyl armour
    • Avernic defender >>> Dragon defender


As of now, our current plans involve fixing up PvP issues and adding some PvP content (i.e tournaments, such as outlasts). Once we have those in the game, we will begin heavy marketing campaigns with PvP being the focus along with prizes, such as PS5s, OSGP, and in-game rewards. So for now, the roadmap is as follows:

  • Fix PvP bugs/issues.
  • Fix Duel Arena.
  • Add PvP tournaments.
  • Begin marketing campaign.
  • Add other in-game giveaway system
    • Still has to be thought through. My initial idea is to have a "ticket" system where you can enter monthly giveaways with tickets you earn in-game through PvP, PvM and skilling.
  • Grand Exchange recent/active offers.

Note: This roadmap does not include the QoL and bug fixes we will do along the way, which are always required.