Nex - Slayer Chests - Crystal chinchompas - Zalcano Scaling

Hello everyone,

We are very excited for our second big content update bringing a new high-level boss, Nex, into the game. Alongside this update, there are also other content additions. This includes a new hunter creature and pet transmog; as well as changes to existing content, such as private instances for a skilling boss.


Nex is the newest boss addition to OSPS. Here's what you need to know before facing her.

  • Nex is a high-level, multi-combat and challenging boss.
    • Can be fought solo or in teams of up to 10 players at a time (5 in private instances).
      • Nex fight has no scaling based on team size, excluding Blood reaver spawn amount.
    • You can find her within the God Wars Dungeon, with the requisite of obtaining the key to unlock the Frozen door.
      • You can gain one of four key pieces from each God Wars Dungeon general.
      • These key pieces are a 100% drop rate on the respective general.
      • The full key is consumed upon unlocking the Frozen door; however, it will grant permanent access to the Ancient Prison area.
    • You will need 40 Ancient killcount, or an Ecumenical key, to enter Nex's lobby area.
    • There are public and private instances for Nex.
      • Both are dangerous deaths.
      • If you die within the instance, you can claim your items through the chest near the Frozen door entrance or near Nex barrier entrance for a fee.
      • You can set up your team of up to 5 players to face Nex in a private instance.

Quick Overview

If you would like a full guide on the boss, you can read the wiki page. However, here is a simple overview.

  • Nex has a total of five phases:
    • Fumus (smoke)
    • Umbra (shadow)
    • Cruor (blood)
    • Glacies (ice)
    • Zaros
  • Each phase corresponds to one of her minions.
    • You must damage her to a certain threshold for her to call on the respective phase's minion.
    • When she calls on her minion, your team can start killing it.
    • When the minion is defeated, her next phase will commence.
  • The final phase takes place once all the minions are defeated.
    • Nex will heal 500 hitpoints.
    • Her stats will be slightly boosted.
    • She will occasionally switch between Soulsplit and Deflect Melee overhead prayers.
  • When defeated, she will activate Wrath and any player within a 5x5 radius of her death spot will take damage.


The drops for Nex work in a unique way.

  • Each player must deal a certain amount of damage to Nex or her minions in order to qualify for a drop.
    • The percent of damage required is calculated with the following formula:
      • (100 / (team_size * 1.5)) / 100
  • Supply drops will be distributed based on team size and each player's individual damage percentage dealt to the Nex and her minions.
    • Each kill gives two supply drop rolls.
  • Each player will roll for a unique, however the rate of the unique scales for the team size.
    • The formula for each player's roll is
      • 36 * team_size * drop_rate_modifier
    • This means that you will see the same chance of a unique being dropped in a solo as you would in a 10-man.
  • Players can also disable receiving duplicate Torva items as loot.
    • This option is disabled by default and can be toggled by speaking to Ashuelot near the lobby area.
    • If you were to get a Torva piece drop, it will give you a piece you do not possess.
    • If you have all pieces, it will roll a random piece to give.
  • Pet is also rolled for each individual player, and is also scaled based on team size.
    • 500 * team_size * pet_perk_modifiers


Final Notes

  • Balancing Nex is a work-in-progress as we keep a close eye on it for the next week or so.
  • Nex completionist task (defeating it 75 times) will be added after at least a week of this patch, to give completionists a chance of killing it before losing their cape.
    • Completionist guild teleport will also have a Nex teleport that will bring you right outside of Nex lobby.

Slayer Chests

Slayer chests are a new item obtained from completing Slayer tasks; containing some new slayer-related items that can be useful for low-mid level players.

  • There are five different chests based on the Slayer master that assigned your task and your Slayer level.
    • Beginner: Lvl. 1-49 - Turael, Mazchna, Krystilia
    • Intermediate: Lvl. 50-74 - Vannaka, Chaeldar, Krystilia
    • Adept: Lvl. 75-89 - Nieve, Steve, Konar, Duradel, Krystilia
    • Advanced: Lvl. 90-98 - Konar, Duradel, Krystilia
    • Master: Lvl. 99 - Konar, Duradel, Knot Der'Adele, Krystilia
  • Chests will always be given on task completion.
  • If there is an overlap in the master you got your task from, you will receive the highest-level chest for your level. (i.e Krystilia, overlapping with all levels)
  • New items obtained through chests:
    • Point voucher: Consumable voucher that can be used to gain Slayer points. Each level chest gives a different variant with respective points, ranging from 5-20 points.
    • Cancel voucher: Consumable voucher that can be used to freely cancel your Slayer task, without any penalties.
    • Extension voucher: Consumable voucher that can be used to increase your current Slayer task amount by 25% of your initial assigned amount.
    • Superior call: Permanent item that can be charged with Slayer points.
      • Each charge costs 3 Slayer points.
      • When this item is in your inventory and you kill a Superior slayer monster, a new one will spawn on its death. Consuming a single charge in the process.
      • Duplicate Superior call items can be used on any Slayer master to trade it in for 50 Slayer points.
  • More in-depth detail can be found in this Slayer chest doc

Crystal Chinchompas

Crystal chinchompas are a new hunting creature that can be found near Prifddinas.

  • Can be found in Teleports > Skilling > Hunter > Prifddinas.
  • You need a Hunter level of 83 or above to catch these creatures.
  • They grant 350 Hunter XP per catch.
  • They share the same stats when equipped as Grey chinchompas.
  • When thrown, they have a 10% chance of rewarding the user with 1-2 Crystal shards.
    • Quantity increases with Crystal Clear sacrifice perk.
  • With this variant added, there is now also a Crystal chinchompa pet transmog.

Zalcano Instances


There has been suggestions on allowing Zalcano to scale based on amount of players fighting it. As we did not want to lock the fight and allow for people to hold the cunt monster hostage during events, we decided to instead allow for private instances to be created.

  • Instances are safe death. (FOR NOW!)
  • Can bring up to 5 players into an instance.
  • Zalcano shield and health scale based on team size:
    • Size 1: 550 total health + 150 shields
    • Size 2: 700 total health + 200 shields
    • Size 3: 850 total health + 250 shields
    • Size 4+ and public room: 1000 health + 300 shields

Dominion Zone

Like much of you, Dominion Zone has needed love for quite some time. With this patch we hope to reward those who decide to do the minigame.

  • You will now receive 5 Dominion Points for every 4 bosses you defeat within the minigame.
    • If you kill 4 bosses, you receive 5 points. If you kill 9 bosses, you receive 10 points. So on...
  • With this shop, we've added the following new items:
    • Zealot set: provides +1.25% chance per piece to prevent bones or ensouled heads to be consumed whilst training Prayer. (5% for full set)
    • Sarachnis cudgel.
    • Swift blade.

Void Recolour Kits

Due to the popularity of the shattered relics void recolour, we have added two new void recolours to the Store.

The popularity excuse is BS. I saw Elon bought out Twitter and I'm trynna buy some stonks. #tothemoon

  • Each kit will recolour one piece of void.
  • Green kit is called Twisted relics void ornament kit.
  • Red kit is called Corrupted relics void ornament kit.
  • Both kits can be used on players to "gift" them.
  • As with the Shattered relics kit, these are limited stock.
  • We do not have plans on adding any more colors kits for void after these.


QoL + Bug Fixes

As always, with this update we have some bug fixes and quality of life changes.

  • Point shops now display a text on bottom-left stating how many points you have, respective to the shop.
    • This can be seen in the Dominion Zone update media.
  • Baby mole can now be transmogged into Baby rat.
    • Use Mole claw on Baby mole to transmog into rat.
    • Use Mole skin on Baby rat to transmog into mole.
  • Untradeables lost within instances will now prioritize going into the instance claim storage (if applicable) over Perdu.
  • Tortured Exchange Discovery relic change:
    • Tier 1: 5% reduction in gained XP. 3% chance of additional loot roll.
    • Tier 2: 10% reduction in gained XP. 5% chance of additional loot roll.
    • Tier 3: 15% reduction in gained XP. 7% chance of additional loot roll.
  • Grotesque Guardians have been added to the Boss Discovery class.
  • Dwarf cannon will now use your best combat style, based on your equipment stats, for its accuracy check.
  • Pet penance queen can now be obtained from Larran's Chest.
    • Rate of 1/1500.
    • Affected by pet perks.
  • Dragon hunter crossbow (b) + (t) can now be dismantled.
  • Normal Ironman can now change to Yin-Yang or normal Group Ironman mode.
    • This is permanent and cannot be undone.
    • You can do this by speaking to the Ironman instructor.
  • Medjai pieces (non-tarnished) now count as Armadyl items within the God Wars Dungeon.
  • Graceful pieces now offer accurate bonus Agility XP:
    • Hood: +4%
    • Body: +6%
    • Legs: +5%
    • Gloves: +3%
    • Boots: +4%
    • Cape: +3%
  • Hit delay on Demonic gorilla projectiles have been increased.
    • This means that the time between the attack animation and the hit splatting on its target is now longer.
  • You can now grab the Iron pickaxe in Chambers of Xeric's Guardian room.
  • Spider carcass has been moved from Theatre of Blood (Hardmode) supply drop to tertiery drop.
    • Rate of 1/35.
  • Slightly increased message length you can type for yells.
  • Added explanation of what ::empty does when you type ::empty for first time.
  • Added HCGIM icon for Discord #help-chat channels.
  • Fixed bug where logging out of the Inferno or Fight Caves would make you log back into home instead of the wave you logged out from.
  • Fixed Black chinchompa ranged projectile.
  • Fixed magic spellbook filters option not working properly.
  • Fixed bug where Blood torture would lose charges when noted/unnoted.
  • Fixed bug where "Game" and "Trade" chat filter modes were swapped on log-in.
  • Fixed Spirit angler pieces not being logged in Collection Log when obtained from Gita Prymes.
  • Fixed "checking" Slayer gem not updating Slayer task for RuneLite Slayer plugin.
  • Fixed bug with being denied entry to Sands of Avarice boss would still make boss attack you while in "safe zone."
  • Fixed spelling mistake in Chambers of Xeric: "Debanded" >>> "Disbanded."
  • Fixed ::wiki redirecting to OS wiki.
  • Fixed ::ensoul wiki link.
  • Fixed equipment bonuses for:
    • Mythical max cape
    • Odium ward
    • Dragonfire ward
    • Twisted buckler
  • Added items kept on death values for:
    • Sanguine/Holy scythe of vitur: 50m
    • Harmonised staff (i): 48m
    • Volatile staff: 45m
    • Parasitic staff: 42m
    • Holy ghrazi reapier: 40m
    • Holy sanguinesti staff: 40m
    • Bofa (c): 40m
    • Elder warhammer: 35m
    • Pegasian boots (or): 30m
    • Twisted ancestral top: 20m
    • Twisted ancestral bottoms: 20m
    • Twisted ancestral hat: 10m
  • Dragon axe has been removed from Recycled item pool.
  • Changed Sands of Avarice loot broadcasts to match other raids.