Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#12)

Hello everyone,

These are the real patch notes from the update earlier:

  • Discovery changes
    • Examining monsters will now color their name in red or green depending if you have found the field notes for said monster.
    • Fixed some relics working on npcs that are not part of the relic's research category.
    • Fixed Superior slayer monsters not counting as being in the same research class as their non-superior variants.
  • Added Sigmund and Town crier to Donator Zone.
  • Added support for Yin-Yang accounts to use the ::resetxp command.
    • Both partners will have to confirm the decision before the stat is reset.
  • Added God books to Perdu's Lost Property store.
  • Receiving Blood shards as drops will now count towards the Blood shard Elite achievement.
  • Theatre of Blood dust and kit rewards will no longer show as purple chests.
  • Theatre of Blood dust and kits will now announce as loot broadcasts.
  • Fixed Tempoross rewards not being added to Collection Log.
  • Removed Torn prayer scroll from being added to Recycle Pool.