Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#2)


Hello everyone,

We are pleased to release another Quality of Life and Bug patch for today. Don't worry our next content update will be coming up soon. Our plan is looking like Tempoross will be first content addition, and Nex following that. We are aware that a lot of players would like guides on some custom content, such as Discovery or Yin-Yang. Our wiki is being worked on and should be public in the upcoming days.

  • Emerald donator rank can now access a Red chinchompa ground area accesible at the Feldip hills. You can find the teleport in Skills > Hunter > Hunting Ground
  • Arceuus spells added
    • Vile Vigour
    • Demonic offering
    • Sinister offering
  • Kruk's Dungeon is now a dangerous death. This means you will lose gear, or HC status if applicable. You can buy back lost items by searching the chest near any of the Kruk's Dungeon teleport spots
  • You can no longer splash on the cows south of home
  • Well of Sacrifice changes:
    • Created new interface for better visualization of item prices as opposed to the old text list
    • You can now sacrifice noted items into the well
  • Mining ore respawn timer halved (ores that have been depleted will spawn back twice as fast now)
  • Demonic and Tortured gorillas have been removed as alternatives to "Monkey"s in Basic Beings Discovery class
  • King scorpion has been added as an alternative to "Scorpion"s in Basic Beings Discovery class
  • Initiate and Proselyte armor sets can now be packed/unpacked properly
  • Item drop broadcasts now highlight the player username. Discord broadcast now bold the monster name, item name, and killcount
  • Fixed Reanimated dagannoth attack animation
  • Fixed issue with Hardcore Ironman who relogged after dying (dialogue to reset account didn't pop up)
  • Fixed the Gauntlet and Corrupted Gauntlet killcounts being backward in Collection log
  • Fixed the Chatbox scrollbar position drop-down setting
  • Fixed the Steel border drop-down setting
  • Help Chat2 and Help Chat3 now have their own channel in Discord