Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#11)

Hello everyone,

Today's update consists of some QoL and Bug Fixes. The issue causing the server to disconnect after about 24 hours of uptime seems to be fixed. I say seems because we will only know once the server is online for a prolonged period of time (week or two).

  • Added a formula to help players who are going dry for skilling pets they have high XP in. (the formula in itself is confusing so will not include it here, but may add it to the wiki later on)
    • The formula kicks in once you reach what-would-be level 99 if you had an XP rate of 1.
  • Added STFU coin to Store
    • Costs 3500 credits.
    • Can use on Well of Plenty to globally mute yell for 1-30 minutes. (you can choose)
    • When someone attempts to yell, it'll display who used the coin and how much longer the event will last.
    • Has a global cool-down (similar to raid/diversion coins) of 8 hours.
    • I will monitor the coin to make any changes accordingly. (mute time limit, cooldown, price, keep it admin-only, etc)
  • Added Weapon Specialist Coin booster to Store
  • The Iron Gauntlet Sacrifice perk can now proc on any of the point phases of Hunllef as opposed to just its death.
  • Rogue mask can now be used with the skilling helmet Affinity perk.
  • Removed the ability to sell seeds to Master farmers.
  • Removed the 1 tick delay before Zulrah's Zulandra teleport scroll actually teleported you after confirmation.
  • Removed the old Crystal weapons/shield from Slayer rewards shop (for real this time).
  • Fixed oversight where Last-teleport report button option wasn't checking for 15 achievements req.
  • Fixed bug with "Achieve mastery in all skills" Completionist task where levels over 99 Discovery were taken into account when they shouldn't.