Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#10)

Hello everyone,

Some quality of life and bug fixes for tonight's patch.

  • Discovery relic changes:
    • Hired to kill:
      • T1: +2 max hit with all combat styles
      • T2: +3 max hit with all combat styles
      • T3: +4 max hit with all combat styles
    • Fight fire with fire:
      • T1: +5% damage on dragons while under the effects of antifre potions
      • T2: +10% damage on dragons while under the effects of antifre potions
      • T3: +15% damage on dragons while under the effects of antifre potions
  • Changed "weight" for Dragon Discovery class: 14 >>> 19. (makes relic drops more common and gives more trade-in XP for dupes)
  • New Limited Stock items added to Store
    • Rubber chicken x 20: 1000 credits
    • Birthday Balloons x 20: 1000 credits
    • Banana Cape x 20: 1000 credits
  • Added a new common rewards table for Theatre of Blood: Hardmode. (Common Rewards)
  • Achieving 200m XP in a skill will now broadcast to server and Discord.
  • Enchanted crystal shard can now be used to teleport out of the Inferno.
  • Looting bag will no longer auto pick-up npc drops while it is being "checked."
  • Added a proc message to Mystery Solver sacrifice perk.
  • Clue scroll progress items (scroll/caskets) will now drop on ground if your inventory is full.
  • Dousing fire in Tempoross will now grant 40 points.
  • Kylie Minnow will now accept Spirit angler set as an Angler set replacement.
  • Spirit angler headband can now be used with the Affinity skilling helm perk.
  • The PvP PJ timer has been shorted: 10 seconds >>> 5 seconds.
  • Fixed Volatile and Eldritch base max hit being incorrect.
  • Fixed bug where Vengeance would count as melee hit instead of typeless. (wouldn't deal full damage with melee protection prayer)
  • Fixed bug where you could smuggle other players into your Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode run.
  • Fixed bug where Nightmare parasite was dealing damage when killed.
  • Fixed crystal shield, halberd, and bow using the incorrect item variants in Slayer rewards shop.
  • Fixed Corporeal Beast not being named properly in Slayer stored/blocked tasks.
  • Fixed oversight where Yin-yang could de-iron through the Ironman Instructor.
  • Fixed bug with items in shop sometimes turning invisible/search button missing.

As the past couple of patches, this update comes with some backend changes. If something is wrong (aside from your depression or whatever), let a staff member know.