Quality of Life (#8)

Hello everyone,

Couple of small additions for tonight's patch.

  • Added Crab Claw Island.
    • This island contains Sand crabs
    • Only accesible by Emerald+ ranks
    • Can access by speaking with Sandicrahn near normal Sand crabs teleport
    • Must pay a fee of 100k to travel to island
    • The island is not an instance
  • Added Strange old man shop (old man walking around Barrows' hills). You can purchase Bolt racks from this shop.
  • Treasure trail announced drops will now contain the amount of respective caskets the player has opened.
  • Bank tag layout plugin has been added to client.

This patch is mainly to include behind-the-scene changes to alleviate server issues. As with last patch, if there's anything weird occuring, let me or staff members know.