Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#7)

Hello everyone,

This patch is a small one, mainly to fix the slayer rewards as more players as starting to purchase perks.

  • Sands of Avarice is now safe for Hardcore Group Ironman. (it's already safe for normal Hardcore Ironman).
    • This is only a temporary change until we make sure the raid doesn't have any bugs that can cause unjust deaths.
  • Fixed some slayer perks being mixed up/visually incorrect.
  • Fixed bug where the 5th blocked slayer task would sometimes reset.
  • Fixed bug where an npc spawning right as another died within the same area would make the new npc visually appear where the other died. (an example can be seen here, where the Sand tornado spawn took the tile of the Heka that just died in the same tick: https://i.imgur.com/WbqbFzi.mp4)
  • Coins collected by Ring of wealth will now drop when killed by another player in PvP.
  • Added new informative commands that lead to wiki:
    • ::sotd - leads to skill of the day page
    • ::skilltasks - leads to skilling task information
    • ::voterewards - leads to page with vote reward information