New World Launch


Welcome everyone,

As some of you may know, OldSchool RSPS team has been eagerly working on a new, fresh world. In this blog, we hope to answer and highlight some of the changes the new world will bring.


When is the new world launching?

The new world is scheduled for release on February 25, 5 PM GMT.

Will accounts be transferred to new world?

NO. Accounts on new world hold no correlation to the old world. We will allow players to transfer their donation ranks and pets from old world after two weeks of new world launch.

Can I reserve my username?

We will open registrations before the launch and inform everyone through discord. You will be able to register your account and reserve your username then.

Will there be any player competitions hosted?

Yes, we are hosting a few competitions for launch. To name a few we will reward those who are first to solo each raid (separate competitions); receive a skilling pet; receive a boss pet; reach 120 Discovery (our new skill); more...

What changes can we expect on the new world?

There has been countless changes ranging from a new, unique skill to rewrites of old content (i.e mechanic changes to most of the bosses in Sands of Avarice). A staff member has been keeping a non-official document of some/most of the changes here: OSPS Changes

I can't find the forums!

The forums have been removed for many reasons - main one being security. Updates will be posted on our new blog page One of the most important aspects of the forums were the guides posted. As we have a lot of unique content, there is bound to be questions of how they all work. This is why we will be working on a wiki that will focus on content that require guides


Teaser media

You can view more media in the unofficial changelog document previously linked. (OSPS Changes)