Quality of Life - Bug Fixes (#6)

Hello everyone,

Tonight's patch consists of some bug fixes, as well as slight quality of life changes.

  • The Edge of Death relic will now work on any and all npcs within any raid.
  • Blessings of the Righteous will now work on minions.
  • Great Olm's lightning attack can now pass through flame walls.
  • Teleporting out of the Sands of Avarice will now properly remove you from your raid party.
  • Removed redunant "View prices" confirmation dialogue on the Well of Sacrifice.
  • Replaced the "Claim 2k affinity" achievement with "Fish from Tempoross reward pool."
  • Disabled Vengeance other in single-combat areas.
  • Fixed God Slayer sac perk not working for Zilyana's minions.
  • Fixed Eternal ring's "unlimited duo partner range" passive.
  • Fixed Discovery Field notes for Chambers of Xeric and Sands of Avarice not dropping. (became bugged last update)
  • Fixed item charges plugin not working properly for:
    • Bracelet of slaughter
    • Dodgy necklace
    • Expeditious bracelet
    • Ring of forging
    • Ring of recoil
  • The following commands have been removed:
    • suggest, feedback, rankapp, support, appeal, appeals, beginner, sotd, clans, report, bugreport, topic
  • The following commands have been changed to link to wiki:
    • wiki, rules, items

To add to this, I have also made some changes to try and fix the disconnection issue that has been occuring. If you notice anything weird, do let me or a staff member know. (your rng being shit is not weird btw)