December 9th - Quality of Life & Bug Fixes

Hello everyone,

We have some quality of life and bug fixes for today's patch. We will continue to keep an eye out on PvP Tournaments to make sure any bugs are ironed out!

Quality of Life

  • Buffed Revenenants drop rate for Bracelet of Ethereum: 1/400 >>> 1/100.
  • Disable Level-up Interface setting is now enabled by default for new accounts.
  • The spawn rate for the following implings within Puro-Puro have been buffed:
    • Lucky impling: 1/150 >>> 1/60
    • Dragon impling:  1/27 >>> 1/20
    • Ninja impling: 1/25 >>> 1/15
  • Added a Wikipedia option in the Server Details' Quick Action section.
  • Brother Tranquility will now start off their dialog by giving you your alignment's halo if you misplace it.
  • Added Affinity option to the Cursed Altar at home.
    • You must have a god alignment in order to see and use this option.
  • Slayer Chests have been added to Drop Viewer under Chests category.

Bug Fixes

  • All items in Wunstahb's shop now have a minimum sale price of 1 gp.
  • Setup 2FA option in Server Details tab now redirects to proper two-factor setup page.
  • Fixed issue that would freeze your account when kicking someone from your clan chat.
  • Dorgeshuun crossbow now requires level 28 ranged to equip.
  • PvP Tournaments:
    • You are now given your kill points as well as participation points as soon as you leave the tournament area, even if the tournament has not ended.
    • Fixed issue that did not allow losers to teleport out of the tournament area.
      • This also fixes players not having the "Attack" option on their targets.
    • Fixed issue where players that did not have max stats would have all their levels visually go down to their real levels at the start of every new round.
    • Stats are now replenished and poison cured as soon as you kill your target.
    • Torva armour in Max Strength tournaments has been replaced with Torva (c).
      • This variant has the same offensive bonuses as normal Torva, but much lower defensive bonuses.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Increased Staff of Light sell price in Blood Money store.
  • Alt accounts will now receive a reduced amount of gp from starter area.
  • Added a global announcement that informs of Collection Log completion rewards.
  • Items claimed from the Rewards Chest will now fill Collection Log slots when applicable.

Website Changes

  • Voting
    • We have added a new vote Toplist: RSPS-List. You can now vote on both sites and claim two toplist rewards from the Rewards Chest!
    • Since we now give double the vote rewards, the drop rate scroll and pet rate scroll have been slightly increased in price: 30 vote points >>> 35 vote points.
  • Store
    • You can now change the quantity of items in your cart without having to click on them one by one.
    • Changed the name of Bonds to give a clearer idea of which bonds you'll be getting with bundles.
  • Hiscores
    • Bosses: added missing killcounts/completions
      • Artio, Calvar'ion and Spindel
      • Nex
      • Theatre of Blood (Hard Mode)
      • Tombs of Amascut: Entry, Normal and Expert
    • Raids: added Tombs of Amascut: Entry, Normal and Expert runs